I highly recommend Dr McElroy. She is knowledgeable, thorough, personable, interested, listens well, and responsive to my concerns and questions. I enjoy her friendly, unhurried approach and respect her medical input. I trust her with my specific healthcare needs.

Mary N. | Apr 23, 2024
Feel she wants to help and respects your wishes. She listens and does the up most to give you the best outcome.

Reta J. | Apr 13, 2024
From the first time I visited with Dr. McElroy, during a wellness check, I knew that I wanted her for my doctor. You notice her concern immediately through the questions she asks; her knowledge and expertise become evident as you converse. She listens to you, and she lets you have input into your treatment. She is amazing! Make your next appointment with her, you won't be sorry!

Patty M. | Mar 20, 2024
Choosing a doctor is a matter of trust. Dr. McElroy engages in continuing education and you can trust her totally to be up to date on the latest and best treatments. She also goes beyond what traditional medicine offers by ordering blood work that is more thorough and comprehensive. Thus she is better able to advise on ones overall health often discovering a problem area much before it becomes a problem that traditional medicine would finally discover. She is also one you can trust for your hormone management. That is an area that is very important to manage correctly and she is very qualified and understands hormones very well. Highly recommend for men and women of all ages.

Ellen B. | Mar 05, 2024
I am 77 years young and in the best health, take no prescription drugs. My hormones are balanced and my last blood work was near perfect. I have been seeing Dr. McElroy for 2 years and am so grateful for her expertise and wisdom and credit her with my good health.

Sherry F. | Mar 05, 2024
I've been seeing Dr. McElroy since 2016. Her communication skills are excellent. She listens and explains medical terminology in a way that I can understand. What sets Dr. McElroy apart is her empathy and compassion. It’s not just about treating symptoms; she fosters a trusting relationship with her patients. I appreciate her comprehensive approach to healthcare. Dr. McElroys forms don't just focus on my physical health; she considers my over all well-being. I like knowing that she considers the bigger picture. Lastly, Dr. McElroy respects my preferences and treatment goals and integrates them into my healthcare plan.

Rick N. | Mar 01, 2024
Just turned 65 and have never felt better, and it's because of Michelle's expertise in helping me balance my hormone therapy.

Veronica H. | Feb 29, 2024
Highly recommend, Dr. McElroy! Her knowledge, care and expertise have been life changing for me. I feel 100 times better than I did when I initially went to see her. One of the best parts about her practice is the ease of communication and how responsive she is.

Angela B. | Feb 15, 2024
She was very helpful getting my hormone levels back to where they need to be. Very easy to talk to

Debbie C. | Feb 14, 2024
Dr. McElroy knows what tests/labs to order to find root issues. Also, the intake form is very thorough which helps in diagnosing health issues. She was able to communicate clearly what my issues were and what I needed to do to get better. She’s very personable and available to answer any questions I had after I saw her.

Susan K. | Dec 07, 2023
Dr. McElroy is very thorough and detail-oriented.

Veronica H. | Nov 27, 2023
Step-by-step assistance with auto-immune diets, HRT management, and advice for managing multiple medical issues.

Debbie L. | Nov 08, 2023