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There’s one reason why Aging Gracefully has become the premier chronic illness treatment facility and that’s because of the individualized care provided by our doctor. Schedule your New Patient consultation today and meet Dr. Michelle McElroy!
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The team at Aging Gracefully strives to provide its patients with the most effective and medically advanced techniques available. The medical team is there for you and will do whatever it takes to improve your overall health and provide a path for continued health moving forward.

Additionally, when we speak over the phone we will also have a few questions for you so we can get an idea of all the ways that Aging Gracefully may be able to improve your health. This call will be used to help decide whether we are the right fit for you, and vice-versa!
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Testimonials From Patients
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“The Team At Aging Gracefully Is Life-Changing…”
From the moment I walked through the doors at Aging Gracefully, the entire staff and medical team there have been SO helpful! From helping me schedule my initial appointments to answering any questions I had about my treatment, they always knew exactly what to say, and how to help.
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“My Wife Is Finally Feeling Better, And She’s Happier Than Ever…”
My wife and I seemingly have traveled from city to city in search of someone who could help with her chronic pain. Luckily, the last stop we had to make was in Tulsa, where Dr. McElroy and his team at Aging Gracefully provided the perfect diagnosis for my wife. She couldn’t be happier and has recommended Dr. McElroy to all her friends!